Here we are in mid February, after more stormy and wet weather. This week, I couldn’t wait any longer and started sowing seeds for the new season.


In the trays I have sown peas, for pea shoots and broad beans. There are some autumn sown broad beans which have overwintered outside for an early crop, and these will be the next lot ready to pick.

20200217_095329 In the pots are sweet peas and a selection of herbs. I will sow more later. I am using my customer’s big greenhouse, where already the overwintered salads are doing well.


I have also been carrying on with the rose pruning.


Half way through the one in the centre. I have been hampered by only having my 3rd pair of secateurs. I have lost my favourite, Okatsune, and send my seconds, Felco, off for repair. The ground is also very soggy.


Earlier in the month we did have a warm spell when the bees and hoverflies came out to enjoy the early nectar in the petasites flowers.


I am getting the allotment under control although there is a lot more work to do. The rhubarb is beginning to grow and the leeks are hanging on in there.

The autumn planted onion sets are doing well and I have planted some fruit bushes, 2 redcurrant and 3 blueberry.


The snowdrops have been fantastic, see previous post, but are fading now. Lots of prunus blossom beginning to come out and daffodils on their way. Could do with a bit more sunshine though.