Well we made it to March. There has been more wind and rain but the sun has a little warmth in it when it does come out.

With the weeds putting on growth, I’ve suddenly got a slight panic that I won’t be ready in time.  I have started to give the veg beds at the pub a good thick layer of muck but it’s slow progress and I have a way to go.

20200303_152249There is quite a lot of muck still to be moved but I’m weeding as I go so it takes time.


This is the other side, there are three beds with perennial crops, herbs, artichokes and soft fruit, and strawberries so less soil.


These are my rows of cut flowers, sown in the autumn and all but 2 varieties doing well.


The wild garlic is coming up!


I love the zingy colours of rhubarb. We had the first crumble of the year tonight.

In the greenhouse, the peas that I sowed a couple of weeks ago have started to come up and I have sown a few more seeds. It is much too wet to sow anything  outside at the moment.



In other news, I found my Okatsune secateurs 2 weeks after losing them and my Felcos have returned beautifully refurbished, although I am disappointed my name is no lo get stamped on the metal.