Well that was summer! I seem to spend month after cold month waiting for it to come only to find it fly past leaving my to do list barely dented. But there is still a lot of colour in the garden in September, and I’m talking about the vegetable garden!


Rainbow chard, of course, which I grow mostly because it looks so good


DSCN0037.JPG Radish French Breakfast. I’m not usually great at successive cropping but when the heatwave ended I sowed a few seeds and the slightly cooler, wetter weather has resulted in a later harvest.


The beans are having a second flush too. Mixed runner beans above and French, Ecosse violet, below.DSCN0041



The courgettes are still going, the flowers and courgettes adding colour and structure to the vegetable garden.


Beetroot, another one with vibrant stems

Squash, Potimarron, and a giant(ish) pumpkin, beautiful colours and strokeably smooth skin, or is that just me?


Not strictly grown for the flowers but this belongs to a carrot.


Curly kale. This is ready now and will continue through the winter. All the bumps put off the caterpillars too.

DSCN0047.JPG And in the greenhouse a small but beautifully formed cucamelon. I didn’t like them last year but I am willing to have another go!