Cox’s orange pippin.

It always happens but I can’t believe that it is the end of August already. It hasn’t been a particularly good vegetable year for me, I struggled with the watering and some crops like lettuce just bolted in the heat.


Grapes, not ready yet.

It is really comforting, therefore, to find that with a bit of moisture and cooler temperatures the surviving vegetables have picked themselves up and put a bit of effort into it.


Potimarron squash

The squashes in particular have gone from sulking and refusing to grow to taking over the plot suddenly masses of fruit appearing, (hope that’s the right term) about six on this plant and loads of flowers.


Turks turban

Unfortunately the growth spurt is too late to win me the village pumpkin competition with this one.


My late sown runner beans are doing better than the earlier ones which went over quickly without producing much.


Had some tonight for tea, very tender and fresh.


Courgette ‘Buckingham’

This is a new variety of yellow courgette for me this year. It has been prolific with courgettes, and a few marrows, all summer and still going.


I don’t like the end of summer but I do loved the fruits it brings. The apples and plums are just starting to ripen and the blackberries are ready in the hedgerows. The wasps and hornets are fond of the fruit too.


Hornet enjoying a fallen plum.