May went past so quickly that I never managed to finish my blog post so here are a few highlights of the last 6 weeks. It started like this with the glorious Auriculas followed by the first alliums and it has been a steady burst of colour ever since. There were a few sneaky cold nights but it has been mostly warm and dry.


With all the sunshine after a long, cold, wet spring the, everything grew really fast, weeds as well as flowers. I could still do with it slowing down a bit so that I can savour each moment such as the combination of forget-me-nots with all the bright spring greens.


And the Erysimum really brightening up a dull border.


The peonies have been good and the irises spectacular.



Now the roses are reaching a first peak and radishes, lettuces and courgettes are being harvested in the vegetable garden.


So now the borders are full, there is a profusion of flowers and it’s all go as I try to plant out the remaining vegetables and flowers grown from seeds and keep on top of the weeds and watering. At this time of year it’s a rewarding job and important to remind myself that I am a good gardener and I will catch up eventually.


And to enjoy it!


By the way, I got some new chickens at home and am enjoying actually getting some eggs for the first time in years, my two oldies are quite elderly in chicken years. But that’s a whole other story, when I ‘ve got time!