IMG_20160322_165947 I was so excited when I got to work yesterday and checked in the greenhouse, all my herb seeds are coming up! I am growing these for raised beds outside a pub, together with edible flowers, all for use in the kitchen.

I sowed some in the autumn and the bronze fennel and chervil are thriving although the others haven’t germinated.  I haven’t grown seeds that need a cold spell before (angelica, violet, sweet cicely) so may need a rethink. Two weeks ago it was time for more familiar sowing and today I have thyme, dill, good king Henry,  hyssop and chives all appearing.

IMG_20160322_215600 Bronze fennel


Elsewhere in the veg garden, I have started my war with the rabbits by putting up some new wire where I could see holes. Also put up netting for sweet peas and tried planting out some kale plants which have got too big in the greenhouse. Can’t wait to see what has survived next week!