Myrtle flowering 2nd August


August 7th

One side cut back one still to go.




First plums in the hedge, sadly out of reach.


August 12th

Tomatoes doing well in the greenhouse. Some ripe and the marmande still growing.

The first taste of the new season plums is always the best. They bring out clouds of Butterflies, especially red admirals who like the sweet juice.

These are the seedheads of the nigella African bride and I like them as much as the flowers. I picked some to save the seeds as I want to grow them again.


August 13th

Crinium looking good in the border. I took this to remind myself that some more on the other side would look good.


Had a bit of a heave-ho to get this rose back on to the pergola. I ended up pushing it with my fork then going up the ladder to secure a bit then down again to do a bit more.


I’m so proud of these gazanias because I grew them from seed. Not bad for a random old packet in an unheated greenhouse.


August 15th

Enlisted the help of my son and mother to harvest as much as possible before going on holiday. Also planted out the beetroot and chard seedlings to take their chances while I’m away.


August 26th

Back to the allotment and it’s a bit untidy but still productive. I made a start on the herb bed to try and get one small area done bit mostly it needed watering.

Lots of lovely beans picked, French,green and purple, and runner. Also courgettes, cucumbers and a few late strawberries. The potatoes are not so happy but still managing to kèep us supplied.

August 27th

The roses that I pruned a few weeks ago have come back really well. With the catmint underneath the weeds are being hidden for the moment.


August 29th

It’s been a generally warm month with a bit of rain and some very high temperatures to finish. The gardens are all dry and still need lots of tidying up but the growth has slowed a lot and I feel that I might actually achieve it now.


Field of sunflowers on my way to work.