Ladybird on overwintered parsley enjoying the spring sunshine.

Here we go with my attempt at a gardening diary.  I am making a few notes, on actual paper and on my phone, as I go along and then transferring them to here at the end of the month.  It will include gardening at home and work, mostly work this month and mostly lists of seeds!

Tuesday 4th March.


Autumn sown peas in the foreground, broad beans at the back.

Everything is growing! Pulled up the overwintered rocket to transplant the new lot in the greenhouse.  Also pricked out some into pots. Planted radishes outside!

Sowed Calvalo Nero, butternut squash, maybe, and borage to try and use up packets, bronze fennel to sell and parsley for the pub herb garden.

Saturday 9th March.


Home. Seeds- salad leaves, spring onion, giant sunflower, purple sprouting broccoli, plain parsley, dill, watercress. Put the sweet peas outside after pinching out.

Tuesday 12th March

Another list of seeds! First time I’ve grown Gypsophila. Transplanted sprouts, and had to ditch a few as I really don’t want this many.

Monday 18th/Tuesday 19th March


I keep writing ‘the peas are doing well!’ So here they are.

The radishes have survived. Planted out rocket, mass seed sowing beginning. Outside, parsnip, spring onion and winter density lettuce. Inside, 1st lot of French beans. Cornflowers outside to harden off.

Saturday 23rd March 

Planted potatoes. Some that I got at a potato day in February and some ordered online. Buying them at the potato day means I have 5 tubers of several different varieties.


Potato day at Stonham Barns



Planting potatoes on the allotment.


Tuesday 26th March

Lots more seeds including some squash and courgette in the greenhouse although it is still cold some nights. Planted out sweet peas.


The daffodils are out in the orchard.



Fritillary time.


Well that was March, I didn’t put all the lists of seeds in, in the end and it obviously doesn’t include every bit of gardening that I did.