I am posting this in early March, getting towards mid March now, having intended to do a bit of a diary catch up at the end of February. That month is so short that it caught me unawares! dscn2661

So,here is a quick summary of what I have been up to and some flowery pictures of what is out now.

At the end of last year, I was given the opportunity to take over, what I have previously called, the pub garden to use as an allotment. Last year was a difficult one weather wise and I just didn’t get enough paid time to get control of it. I think that all the time that I did get there, I spent watering. I am hoping that I will get to spend more ‘free’ time there, my son has been helping me and it is looking better already.


I have some Autumn sown broad beans, too much kale and I have planted some fruit. This side is pretty much under control the other six beds not so much but I have picked my first rhubarb of the season.


In January, I started keeping a garden journal. I glanced through my previous attempts, there were several January entries for preceding years, all talking about sorting through the seed packets, then nothing else.

This year I have managed to keep a list of what I have sown, I have done this before it usually lasts until about mid April when everything is growing and I can’t keep up. I try to write notes when I have spent a bit of time or done something specific in my garden, as opposed to work.

I have also made a couple of very rough sketches of the vegetable gardens so that I have an idea where everything is supposed to go, it is subject to change!


The sowing has begun in the greenhouse at The Hall and in the polytunnel at home. The first lot of seedlings are up, rocket, beetroot, radish and a whole packet of very old Brussels sprouts which have all germinated.

January sown sweet peas have been pinched and put outside although I should protect them from the frost due next week. Later sweet peas are just coming up.

I am picking rocket leaves from the polytunnel, sown in the autumn but only just getting going. As soon as the weather warms up they will flower and be over very quickly.

Now for the photos of all the lovely flowers appearing now.


Sweet violets, scilla and Leucojum (snowflake).


Hellebores, narcissus and dogwood.

This week has been wet and very windy, hoping  for a better one to come with lots more gardening.