I am trying to remember back to the beginning of July, it seems so long ago. I think it was still hot and sunny then, I have almost forgotten what that feels like. Well whatever the weather, July brings high summer with the acid green euphorbias of spring going over and the trees too taking on much heavier shades of green.

The random pinks and reds of the opium poppies filled out the borders with their sometimes frilly, sometimes plain heads.

In the vegetable garden, the first flowers appeared on aubergines, peppers and tomatoes in the greenhouse and beans and courgettes outside.

The echinops took centre stage in the border.

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Echinops blue

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With kniphofia (I can’t believe that I spelt it wrong, I am usually the first to criticise bad spelling!) in a supporting role. Spelling now corrected!

The courgettes started to grow.

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Courgettes @thequeenatb

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Butterflies were out in force, hurrah! And the poppies were all to fleetingly over but leaving lovely structural seedheads.

The roses came back again and the weather got a lot more unsettled.

The echinacea began to flower and it started to feel like late summer. Too soon, too soon!

And there we have it for another month!