DSCN0958.JPGI am in the midst of my cutting back (and aching back!) at the moment while the gardens have a pause between early summer fullness and late summer/autumn colour. I just can’t seem to avoid it. In some gardens, I managed an early chop of the ubiquitous pink geranium and it has reflowered, but in the biggest  I am still going.


Stage 1

It happens in three stages, I find. Stage 1 – faded glory. Still pretty but flopping everywhere and starting to go over. If you chop it now it should come back for another flush.


This is stage – too much Italian parsley!

Stage 2 – it’s got to look worse before it gets better.  Cutting back as much as possible. For me that includes the aforementioned pink geranium, catmint, Stachys  (bunny ears) and achemilla and in this case pulling out parsley.


Stage 2

Looking a bit bare but giving the dahlias more light and space to grow and the opium poppies a chance to self seed.


Parsley removed.

Stage 3  is when it all shoots back up again, less vigorously than the first time but enough to cover the soil again, like a regeneration of the garden, I don’t really like gaps. While we wait for this to happen, there are some things which are looking good now.


Echinacea, loved by bees and butterflies, and agapanthus in dazzling blue.


Crinium  with Cynara behind.


A close up view of the corner, now cleared with the Agapanthus, Crocosmia and Rudbeckia herbstonne at the back.


Ok it’s bindweed and it had to go but it was pretty!


Angelica looking awesome. I am now looking forward to the next wave of colour as the dahlias flourish in the rain and the michaelmas daisies take centre stage. Some more sun would be nice first though!