We had a frost in early April, a couple of weeks ago and my newly emerging dahlias suffered as a result. They were in the polytunnel but it’s only a little one and obviously wasn’t enough protection. So when frost was forecast for this week I decided to take proper precautions. My first plan was to move some of the more tender seedlings, cosmos, tomato and dahlia from my obliging parents’ greenhouse to their conservatory, as well as the dahlia tuber which was affected before.


With my own plants taken care of, Monday morning saw me get into DSCN0386action at a customer’s garden. It was my own fault for planting the beans too early but I was quite pleased with my use of secondary double glazing panels to improvise a cloche. They survived Monday night but tonight is colder so we’ll see.


DSCN0387The potatoes were covered with black plastic which isn’t ideal but is better than nothing.




The dahlias and seedlings in the greenhouse survived perfectly due to it being quite large and the brick walls of the lean to acting like a giant storage heater.

One thing that I can’t do anything about is the apple blossom. In my very inexpert opinion, it looked all right this morning and there were lots of bees so hopefully there will still be a good crop in the autumn.


The only good thing, is that it might kill off a few aphids which have started appearing on the roses, here’s hoping!