IMG_20170309_220915It’s beginning to feel like spring this week although I am refusing to use the past tense of spring word this year, it’s too obvious! The blossom is out and the trees are positively humming as the bees make the most of the warm weather.

DSCN0352With my early sowings in the greenhouse doing well, radishes, brukale, cavalo, cornflowers, beetroot and pak choi all up, it is time to start thinking about the outside beds.  I am planning do more direct sowing this year to try and reduce the amount of crazy watering and loss of plants when they don’t get watered. On the other hand, I like starting things off under cover as protection from slugs/rabbits/pigeons/frost (but mostly slugs) so I can only wait and see how it goes.

I think that it was Alan Titchmarsh who said that the soil was ready for planting when it felt warm on your behind, well anyway, it felt warm to my bare hand and that will do for me. I have started cautiously with first early potatoes and onion sets, neither planned but when you are given something for free you plant them even if they are not on the list. I also did one row of seeds divided into thirds, radish, beetroot and perpetual spinach.

At the pub garden, I added some cornflower seedlings to the edible flower planters. I have some self sown and overwintered in another garden so I know that they are pretty tough. I have taken a bit of a risk and planted radish seedlings under a poundland cloche which I don’t have a lot of faith in but I have some spares so you never know.

DSCN0372I also managed a row of rainbow carrots and another of beetroot cylindrica before I ran out of time. The rest will have to wait until next week. If we had a little bit of rain to go with this warm weather it would be perfect!