It is early March and I am looking forward to a second year tending the gardens of The Queen at Brandeston in rural Suffolk. See the efforts of my first year in an earlier blog Gardening Queen! Lots of vegetable beds out the back, beautiful big planters at the front filled with edible flowers, a collection of mints and strawberries. Oh and a flower border and vines too!


Sorrel leaves ready for picking


In the garden now, things are beginning to move slowly. As you can see above, the sorrel has overwintered well. The rhubarb which has been covered with an upturned dustbin, clean of course, for a few weeks looks like this:



Which is great, could just do with a bit more!

The perennial edible Alliums are showing signs of life and the chives are romping away, definitely ready to be used.



The primroses are flowering in the edible flower planters, the rosemary  has had a severe prune to keep it in check and other things are coming up but not ready to harvest yet.


Keeping up with the plan so far, in the off site greenhouse I have already sown quite a lot of seeds and things are progressing. If everything grows there should be some surplus plants to sell too.


Beetroot seedling with the seed still attached