What a relentlessly cold and grey week! I even postponed my birthday celebrations until it warms up a bit, so I haven’t been very enthusiastic about leaving the house in the morning but work goes on. I have continued with pruning climbing roses, tying them in and  saving a few stems from the deadly wire ties.


To cheer myself up a bit and get out of the rain, I sowed some seeds in the unheated greenhouse even though it is still too cold. Cornflowers for the edible flower beds and salad leaves, chicory and radish for the pub veg garden.

In another garden, the polytunnel is now ready to go and I found a hedgehog under a pile of leaves in a border.

I can’t resist an overgrown garden, especially one so close to home so here we go again with before and after photos. So far 2 1/2 hours and two wet knees has resulted the the kind of transformation I like but there is loads more to do and the box hedges need reducing by half in all directions at least.

It’s supposed to be getting warmer this week!