A bit of warm sunshine today and I am feeling more inspired so here is a quick round up of what’s happening now.


Well I have a seed list, a plan and a spreadsheet. So far, so good – this is me pretending to be organised. I have quite a lot of seeds but there is always room for more and I have another order to go in imminently. My spreadsheet starts the seed sowing in February so not long to wait, as long as the weather warms up soon.

Looking in the unheated greenhouse I was pleasantly surprised to find winter sown salad leaves doing well. I also use the dry soil to store dahlia tubers so fingers crossed these will survive this long period of cold weather.

Meanwhile at the pub garden I am still trying to dig grass out of frozen ground but it is looking almost ready. This year I must keep on top of it!

The chives are showing green shoots and the rhubarb hidden under an upturned dustbin has a few early leaves. It’s more hopeful than productive at the moment but it’s the anticipation that keeps us going. The green thing is an unsuccessful attempt to cover the purple sprouting broccoli. It still manages to look good and leaves have been used in the kitchen over winter but proper netting against pests is another thing on my to do list.

In a large planter at the front there are plenty of sorrel leaves but not many edible flowers at this time of year. Perhaps there will be primroses before too long.