Here I am back after my holiday and guess what? Everything survived, it turns out I am not indispensable or maybe it was down to all my hard work beforehand, and a bit of luck. I had to cut my way back into the vegetable plot but just look at the pumpkins!


Also in need of a bit of taming were the tomato plants. I cut back most of the lower leaves, and all of the new shoots, to let the light in and the fruit ripen. This will also help the scotch bonnet chillies, hopefully.


In my own garden I returned to masses of french beans all too big to eat so now they are waiting to dry and be saved for next year’s seed or stored for eating in the winter. The outdoor cucumbers are still good and the courgettes remain productive now that I have removed a few marrows.


The one seedling that survived from the packet I sowed is also doing well, shame I haven’t got a whole border full!