I am off on holiday soon so I have been trying to catch up as much as possible before I leave my gardens for 2 weeks. The dry spell is a mixed blessing. Once I have done an area it should stay presentable for a couple of weeks, and the lawn edges have stopped getting so untidy, but it’s been quite a job getting some of the bigger weeds out of the ground. 

I have been cutting back everything that is even slightly going over and dead-heading the roses and dahlias as I go. So away with the Hemerocalis, Acanthus and masses of feverfew leaving Agapanthus, roses, Verbena bonariensis and Crocosmia still in flower and Michaelmas daisies to come.



In the vegetable plot I have picked the sweet peas, even those with only a small bit of flower showing, and given the greenhouse a really good soak and feed. I have also cut off the lower leaves of the tomato plants to get the tomatoes to ripen. At home I will be harvesting as many vegetables as I can, mostly beans and an exhausting supply of courgettes at the moment, and likewise having a long watering session before I go.


I am hoping that it rains a bit while I am away as the garden needs refreshing but not so much that the weeds start growing again!