Wimpole Hall


I don’t know what happened to June, I think that I spent most of it waiting for summer to happen, and waiting and waiting! This was a family visit to Wimpole Hall, a National Trust property in Cambridgeshire which involved coats, boots and flasks of coffee in the car but the walled gardens were magnificant.


At the beginning of the month the Alliums were fading and the poppies took over providing a burst of colour in the borders. Through the rain and cold the garden always marches onward and the roses started to bloom.


The gardens all needed sustained weeding, lawn mowing when the weather permitted and neat edges to give some element of control. Bees were becoming more numerous and also the odd butterfly in the odd sunny moment!

I have just been looking through my June pictures for inspiration and of course there were the foxgloves, the peonies, the clematis and of course more roses and more poppies. Each one exciting as the last at it arrived.

I think that it rained at least some part of most days this June and slugs were a big feature but things grew well in the polytunnel and I started a little stall at the end of my drive to try and make enough money to cover some costs and get rid of my huge amount of rhubarb.