A balmy summer Evening,  with the birds still singing at 9.30, is the push that I need to get on with my own garden. After 4 days of rain, it is half term after all, the soil has lost it’s concrete texture and the weeds are coming up easily.


A wise gardener once told me that if you cut the grass and do the edges then the garden looks done. I also like to do the part that I see the most, so all my spring flowers are in the bit that I see between the car and the door and in front of the kitchen window. This evening, I have been working on the border that I can see from the window – doing the edges, pulling up giant weeds and trimming back some of the more vigorous plants so that everything gets a chance.

I also reckon if you can’t see the soil then the weeds won’t grow – fingers crossed! This border wasn’t there 3 years ago apart from the iris on the edge and and all the plants were bits from other people’s gardens and some plants that moved house with me. Now I can’t find anywhere to fit the cosmos in.


I also inherited some very 1970’s looking hybrid tea roses which I took a dislike to. However, after vigorous pruning they flower prolifically and that shade of orange almost glows at dusk.

I have a massive slug and snail problem at the moment, along with half the country it seems. I let the chickens garden with me this evening in the hope that they got a few. And the really good news is that they ate some horsetails, Equistium, too!

Pest patrol!