IMG_20160310_211635Considering Monday morning started with snow, today’s spring sunshine was a welcome change in the weather. Although December was unseasonably warm, since Christmas the weather has been persistently cold and, here in Suffolk at least, things seem to be flowering at about the right time now.

At the moment the daffodils are just coming out and today was the first time that I have seen honey bees in such numbers. I spent some time trying to get a photo but they were very busy and not staying in one place for very long. Celandines were popular with the bees too.


So today in the sunshine, in between stripping off the layers and chasing bees, I have been cutting back a berberis and buddleia, doing the lawn edges and thinking about what I can move. I can do whatever I like in my Thursday garden but only with what is there. Also trying a bit of robin taming!