IMG_20160302_173638.jpg Today I finished work in this garden for good. When I started It was for an elderly couple who had lived in the house for many years raising their family here, and I don’t think a lot had changed over the years. I like this old-fashioned approach with not a whiff of designer about it. I was especially fond of this line of green sheds full of a lifetimes’s detritus.

Last year I arrived one Wednesday, after a week off for half term or something, to find that the old lady was no longer with us. I have continued with the garden, doing it as she would have wanted, but now the house is for sale and I have got it as tidy as possible for the viewings.

My main feeling is that I am glad that I am finishing having said a proper goodbye to Pat as he moves happily to a nursing home. I never had the chance with his wife. I have a few hardy cyclamen and a rose cutting as mementoes, but nobody knows!

The other thing that makes me feel really good is that I have another job lined up to fill that time slot already, so I must be doing something right! As one door closes another one opens, so here’s to the next one!